Sunday, September 18, 2022

Hazels Pups Week 5

Hi ECS Friends 

Pups are doing great and are really starting to show their personalities and bravery.

We love them, they are a blast, kids have really enjoyed having them.

They'll be ready the 1st of october.

Both pups are spoken for.

Thank you



Hilly's Pups Week 7

 Hello ECS Friends

Pups are doing great and ready to go to their new homes. They've been a blast and have such cute personalities and are so friendly.

The black/white pup is available, please contact me.

Thank you


Sunday, September 11, 2022

Hazel's Pups Week 4

Pups are doing great and growing fast. Their personalities are starting to come on and it's fun to see everything start to make a little sense.

They're eating dry food now and using the doggie door. 

They're ready to go october 1st.

Both pups have been spoken for.

Thank you



Hilly's Pups Week 6

 One more week and they're ready to go home!

They're so cute.

Shots and deworming have been done. I would do the 2nd round at 9 weeks and the 3rd round at 12 weeks.

They're eating the mini breed dog food from Costco's kirkland brand. Ask me and I can send you a pic of what it looks like. They do really well on it.

They're ready to go this weekend the 16th.

The black male is still available.

Thank you