Honey and Hazel


-We picked up Honey and Hazel from a breeder in Georgia. They're full sisters from the same litter. We really love their red coloring and field bred coats. 

-Both weigh 30 lbs

-Honey has a red/blonde coat and takes after the appearance of her sire. Hazel has a darker red coat and both are a little shorter haired than our stud dog Hawker. Their sire has a blonde/red coat and their mom has a solid red dark coat.

-Both have an intense bird and retrieving drive and love water retrieval. The video shows them water retrieving, both are about 6 wks pregnant and they're having to work a little harder with the extra weight, but it's been so hot that they wanted to play in the water. 

-Honey is our love bug and is so gentle and laid back, but don't let that fool you when there's birds around, she has a hyper bird drive and no quit, seriously fun to watch! Hazel has a little more energy/fire just like her dark red coat, (definitely a red head), super sweet personality, but just likes to go with her intense bird drive and retrieval instincts. 

-Both have been genetically tested through Embark and I'm happy to share any info on any of our cockers upon request. Both parents were genetically tested and were also free of inherited diseases. 



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