-I flew down to Georgia to get Hilly, we were so impressed with Honey and Hazel that we went to the same breeder and wanted another red puppy. We were and are not disappointed. Honey and Hazel's dad is Hilly's grandpa via her mom's side. So we do have 75% genetic variance with her to add to the gene pool, which is very exciting to the unique and hard to find working english cocker.

-Weight: still a pup and not full grown yet, will probably mature around 30 lbs

-Color: Dark red with a small white blotch on her chest. Both her mom and dad were dark red. Hilly's coat is shorter than our other cockers and we love her field coat, very slick and so soft.

-Hilly's personality rivals that of her cousin Hazel in that she has fire and drive. Lots of go and energy in the field and search instinct in her. She likes the water and we're working on her water retrieval once we let her be a puppy a little bit longer. We love her loving and sweet behavior that is apparent in all of our cockers and know she's going to be something special in the field.

-Will be genetically tested when she gets older.



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  1. Do you currently have pups available for sale? Photos? Price? Thank you.