Saturday, December 17, 2022

Honey and Jango Pups Week 1

 Hello ECS Friends

Honey whelped pups on monday the 12th this week. 9 beautiful pups, 7 males, 2 females.

As you can see all pups have white markings on their chests, feet and a few on their heads.

Jango is the dad, checkout his bio on the side bar.

Honey is our most easy going and loves to be right by you, very loving. Don't be confused, she is a bird missile and loves to look for birds.

Jango is also very mellow, stout, and comes from great genetics from the south. They're very meticulous down there about their genetics and waterfowl hunting.

Right now we have 1 female, and 4 males available. I post video updates of the pups every sunday night and then we'll pick at 6 weeks since they're all the same color. Gives us a better chance to see their personalities. Pups will then be available for pickup at 7-8 wks which will be the end of january.

Thank you


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