Sunday, January 8, 2023

Honey's Pups Week 4

 Hello ECS

They're mobile! As you can see in the videos they're up and about.

Sorry there are no collared collars on them, they got chewed up!

We'll get some more and try and make it easier for you come 6 weeks to choose.

They started solid food this week. We get our food from costco, it's a small kibble, made for small breeds and has high protein and fat and everything a growing pup needs. Their stools are small and solid an they do really well with this food. We've tried lots of foods over the decades and really like this one, and it's a good price. I can text you a pic of the bag if you like if you would like to get some.

We have 1 female and 5 males available. Please contact me if interested.

Thank you




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